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Wieland der Schmied

Hand-forged knives
Bowies, fighters, hunting knives, half-integrals,
neckknives, campknives, daggers, users…

A small selection

Over time, a few special pieces have emerged. Here you can see the highlights:


My name is Gerhard Wieland. I was born in Karlsruhe (Germany) in 1950. Having finished my A-levels I decided to become a professional goldsmith. A short-termed career which was followed by a job as a dental technician. I practised this profession for quite some time until mid-year of 2008. In this year I finally made up my mind to turn my hobby into a full-time occupation.

Since the beginning of 2016, my knife business has been deregistered and I no longer offer knives for sale.



I’ve worked with traditional non-stainless steels and exclusively with natural materials i.e. indigenous and exotic hardwoods, stag horn and if need be animal bone.



In my portfolio you will find 3 categories of knives:

  • Classics (Elegant knives for daily use)
  • Showcase (Precious pieces for the highest standards)
  • Bowies & fighters (Big toys for big boys)
  • I have also marked a few special pieces as Highlights.


Here you will find posts related to forging that I have published over the years.


My knifemaking enthusiasm had kept on laying dormant until the year 2004 when it all of a sudden surfaced in its most archaic manner – blacksmithing.

Gerhard WielandWieland der Schmied

Every time I forge a red-heated bar of steel into a blade with simple hand-tools, I really feel rewarded with a thrilling back-to-the-basics experience.

Gerhard WielandWieland der Schmied

My logo is supposed to express my love for the Scandinavian north, to my dear family and going boating. All that under the sun with a highly symbolic cross – for I’m a Christian man.

Gerhard WielandWieland der Schmied

Each and every blade is forged, hardened and finished with minimal use of machinery and mechanical contraptions.

Gerhard WielandWieland der Schmied

Recent hammering

Fancy some interesting articles about my craft?

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Wieland der Schmied is retired.

Knives out of stock, my forge is closed.

But you can still peek.

Have fun!
Yours, Gerhard Wieland